► What is naturopathy ?

Naturopathy is a therapy where, instead of focusing on the disease and its symptoms, we rather focus on

all aspects of the person, meaning physicaly and emotionally.

The objective of a naturopath will be to act as much as possible on the root cause of a physical and/or emotional unbalance, in order to durably optimize the ability of the body to heal itself (immune system, skin healing...).

The main used methods are nutrition, physical activity, and emotions management.

They are the pilars of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, other methods can be used, such as medicinal herbs, essential oils, relaxing massages, breathing exercises, reflexology...

► What is iridology ?

Iridology is the observation of iris of eyes.

The latter have many signs providing indications on the level of vitality of the person, on overloads in the body, and potential organs weaknesses.

Although it has proved its worth through thousands of years of practice, iridology remains an empiric method. That is why observations should be considered only within a global analysis from the naturopath.

► Why should you meet a naturopath ?

At each age, at each stage of your life, for any issues* affecting your body.


Because your are the best person to daily take care of yourself,

the naturopath will provide you with recommandations to optimize your physical and emotional well-being,

on a customized way:

→ according to your physiology, lifestyle, and also wishes !

→ if you already feel discomfort, or for prevention reasons.


The naturopath doesn't focus on symptoms, but consider all aspect of the person. It is a unique opportunity for you to discuss about any physical and/or emotional issues that are annoying you, even those which seems not important enough to meet a specialist.

The part of emotions management is also a unique opportunity to take a step back on your life journey, to talk about it, and get rid of some emotionnal weight.

It is important to mention that everything discussed with a naturopath will remain confidential.

*You can meet a naturopath for any type of issues, in order to maintain of improve your health, physically and/or emotionally.

Please note that the methods used are soft and gradual. In case of emergency, you need to contact your doctor.

Naturopathy doesn't replace conventionnal medicine, but is complementary.

Nathuropath cannot change a medical treatment. The approval of a doctor is required.

For any question (even simple ones !), do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

► Why me ?

Taking care of your life hygiene means taking care of yourself.

In addition of the physiological benefits, it also rises awareness about your own value.

It brings self esteem, necessary for well-being,

which also pushes ourselves to provide us with the best.

With this conviction, and having transformed my daily life,

I want to share this experience with you.

- Naturopathy education at EURONATURE Toulouse,

school certified by Féna (French Federation for schools in naturopathy).

- my Master as Food production engineed gives me a scientific and pragmatic point of view, always searching for the best solutions for you: according to your personnality, lifestyle, budget… and wishes, in order to avoid any frustrations !

- for being fully available for you, and a good listener, without judgment.

I have received very positive feedbacks from customers ! (in French, at the bottom of each service page).

- from the first consultation, your will have the opportunity to discover a picture of your iris, and will receive the digital picture for free. Your shouldn't miss it, because it is usually very appreciated from people, however, only a few naturopath have the equipment for that.

moderate prices in order to make it affordable for you, as much as possible.

- my services are available in English.